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Diary pictures from Diversity in Animation 2011. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.  
Photo by Júlio Cesar.  
Pictures of 2011 Diversity in Animation Party. Le Boy by Gilles. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.  
    BEST 2011 ANIMATION (by Festival Jury)  
Au Commencement  
Belgium/ 2011/ 5min 55sec
Animation Technique: 2D

Two gay sperms were never meant to fertilize an egg. But what if Life decides otherwise?
Director: Laurent Leprince  
   BEST 2011 ANIMATION (by Popular Jury)  
France/ 2009/ 6min
Animation Techniques: 3D computer, 2D computer, pencil on paper.

Yulia suddenly vanishes out of her kitchen. She finds herself in a closed room with five levers fixed to the wall. By setting them in motion, she starts off a series of absurd events that will lead her to finding her soul mate.
Director: Antoine Arditti
Production Company: Metronomic
   BEST 2011 ANIMATION (by Technical Jury)  
Tales From The Powder Room
Australia/ 2001/ 13min
Animation Technique: Stopmotion

Tales From The Power Room is a clay animation film of cathartic reminiscences of time’s gone by from Lola Lick, an ageing transsexual, and her beginnings as a little boy when she farewells sobriety in a spiraling abyss of flowery hats, stilettos, makeup and alcohol.
Diretor/ Animator/ Writer: Darren Burgess
Production Company: Anifex
   BEST 2011 ANIMATION (by Technical Jury)  
Naked Youth
Japan/ 2009/ 9min 52sec
Animation Technique: 3D

A young high-school student, caught in the throes of infatuation, recalls the glances exchanged between himself and the object of his desire. The structure of the film reflects this obsessive reworking of emotionally charged moments, and the boy's growing awareness of the nature of his sexual desire.
Director: Kojiro Shishido
Video made with members of one of animation studios in the world more creative, Pixar Animation Studios. Are poignant testimonials and positive messages that encourage children and young people not to feel alone and hopeless in the face of discrimination.  
    Release Video 2011  
Release Film of Diversity in Animation 2011.  

The Diversity in Animation 2011 - 3rd International Festival of Animation LGBT brings a lineup full of animations Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Transgender. The festival will take place from 06th and 13th of May 2011, 5:30pm and 7pm at Cine Cultural Justiça Federal (Federal Justice Cultural Center) Rio Branco Avenue 241, Downtown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Altogether 45 animated films were selected: 23 for the Short Animation Competition (1 and 2), 12 animation episodes for the Special JJ Sedelmaier and 10 animations for the Retrospective - Winners and Best of 2010.

23 short animated films participates of the official short animations competition divided into two programs: Short Competition 1 (12 animations - 1 hour) and Short Competition 2 (11 animations - 1 hour). The three best animation of the festival, chosen by the Popular Jury, Technical Jury and Festival Jury, will receive the Diversity Animation Award 2011 and will be projected in the last day of the festival (05/ 13) in the special program - WINNERS AND FINALISTS OF 2011. The notes indication of the Jury will take place through ballots, delivered before the screenings, to the audience at the festival. The Technical Jury is formed by professionals of animation and other related areas and Jury of the Festival is formed by the directors of the Diversity in Animation. Of the 23 films participating in the Competition Short, 18 are premieres.

The JJSEDELMAIER SPECIAL features 11 episodes of gay superheroes Ace and Gary of "Ambiguously Gay Duo" and one episode of "Hete-Roy",the adventures of a Fundamentalist Christian super hero.

The RETROSPECTIVE - WINNERS AND BEST OF 2010, unites 10 animations: the best and the winners of 2010 edition of the festival.

The ticket to each film screening of the festival Diversity Animation 2011 costs R$ 6.00 and R$ 3.00, the half-price (Cox and in the CCJF). The ticket of the session of the festival gives free entrance to the Party of Diversity in Animation that will happen May 07, Saturday, at 10pm in the Le Boy (Raul Pompeia Street 102, Posto 6, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Parallel to the festival will have events with other discounts or free entry to the festival audience. The 2011 Diversity in Animation is a realization of the Federal Justice Cultural Center and supported by Infnet, Via Appia and Le Boy.

In addition to entertaining people, animated films can also educate and show cultures and histories of various countries. They say what it means to be gay in countries around the world. The Diversity Festival in Animation speaks directly to young people and adults, a language tied to our reality and the certainty of a day when everyone can be happy without having to fight for something that should be right. Right to be who you are.

Animation is EVERYTHING!

Alexander Mello e Leandro Morais
Diversity in Animation - 3rd Internacional Festival of LGBT Animation
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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